Deluxe Baker Sheet
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Deluxe Baker Sheet


The lightweight sheet version of the Original Baker Blanket that started it all, in black and tan with fancy striped trim.


Product Description

NEW! Deluxe Baker Sheet

For 2016 we are proud to introduce an improved version of our traditional Baker Sheet.

It is called the DELUXE Baker Sheet and is jam packed with optional custom features that previously were only available by special order.

Created from our famous American-made fabric, the DELUXE Baker Sheet incorporates the following custom features:

  • Satin Lined Shoulders to Reduce Rubbing
  • Improved Snap Buckle Front Closures
  • Stainless Steel Surcingle Hardware
  • Elasticized Surcingle Attachments
  • Elasticized Double-Release Leg Straps
  • Fleece at Withers


Additional Information


72″, 74″, 76″, 78″, 80″, 82″, 84″


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