Ordering Information

Ordering Online

Curvon Corp. is happy to offer to you our Baker products online through this Official Baker® Blanket Factory Store. We do our very best to ship all in-stock products within 48 hours on business days. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Please note that all Baker sales are final sales only so please make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Baker® Blanket Sizing

It’s important when ordering to ensure that you have the right size for your horse. Make sure to measure your horse properly so that you can order the correct blanket size.

  1. Stand your horse squarely, on level ground.
  2. Using a soft measuring tape, start at the center of your horse’s chest, at the widest part of his shoulder.
  3. Measure around his shoulders and side, to the widest part of his hindquarters where you’d like the blanket to end.
  4. The measurement in inches is the blanket size you should order.

For dogs, measure from between the shoulder blades (at the highest point) to the base of the tail.

Custom Baker® Options

In addition to our famous Baker® Plaid Products line of Baker® Blankets and more, we continue to offer the widest variety of  Baker products and colors in both fabrics and trims, available through our retailers. Our inventory of 20 binding and piping colors means there are literally thousands of different color combinations to choose from. We pride ourselves on our fast delivery. Many items are kept in stock for immediate delivery, and custom orders usually ship in a couple of days.

Most items can be customized with a variety of different features for an additional charge. These options include: fleece withers, piping, hand braided fancy hips, leather front strap, d-rings only, or d-rings with leg straps.

We offer embroidery and screen printing on most items, for both small and large orders. We will be happy to answer any of your questions, however custom items are only available to our wholesalers, so please contact your local tack shop or online store for pricing and ordering information.