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Jacks Horse Clothing | Baker Blankets

Established in 1866, Baker is America’s oldest and most trusted brand of high quality horse clothing and accessories.

We are the exclusive, world-wide supplier of these famous BAKER PRODUCTS:

Baker Sheets, Baker Blankets, Turn-Outs, Rain Covers, Fly Sheets, Anti-Sweat Sheets, Dress Sheets, Halters, Dog Blankets, Afghans, and Bags, all available here on our official factory direct website.

Customer Service Information

Whether you have questions on how to measure your horse and ordering information, want to find out about expedited shipping, or have other questions, we are here to help. The below listed pages provide more information on how to order, how to size your horse, and shipping information on Baker blankets and products.

Here you will find everything for you, your horse, and your dog in the famous Baker style and quality. Be sure to look for our logo to know that you are getting the quality you know and trust.

Beware of imitations. The Original 5/A Baker® Blanket has been imitated in inferior qualities which will not wear.
Look for this horse branded inside.
None genuine without it.