Packing for a Horse Show

by / Thursday, 26 March 2015 / Published in Baker Blog

With Spring finally rolling in, two words are on every rider’s mind: Show Season!

I, for one, am SO excited to be leaving this icy winter behind and getting my horses and students ready for an exciting show season. Every spring, before the first show of the year, I make a list of EVERYTHING I need for our upcoming schooling and recognized shows. I have a show tack trunk that lives in my basement all winter, and when I take it out and dust it off, I know that our first centerline salutes are just days ahead of myself and my horse.

In my time in the horse industry, I’ve groomed and managed stables for top level riders in every English discipline.   My show prep routine is constantly evolving, but two things remain the same – my horse and my equipment must be spotless! In my world, there is no excuse for sloppy turnout. I expect the same out of my students and stablemates.

So, below, here is my (appended) list of everything I pack in the trailer for a one-day dressage show.


Rider’s Attire

  • Dressage Coat
  • Stock Tie/Pin
  • Show Shirt (I prefer the ones made for hot weather)
  • Belt
  • White full seat breeches
  • White gloves
  • Helmet
  • Hair nets, bobby pins and hairspray!
  • Boots and boot polish


I keep all of my attire in a classy garment carrier, and my show helmet, hair net and gloves live in my matching helmet bag. My boots and polish are stored in a boot bag that matches the rest of my stuff, also. I love how the Baker boot bag has a side pocket for storing those boot accessories like polish, and a rag. My must-have for show season, if you couldn’t tell already, is that my stuff as to match! NOTHING bothers me more than having to shuffle through a dozen coats in the trailer to find mine, and keeping all of gear in matching bags is the best way I’ve found to keep it all straight and easy to access.

My saddle and bridle are loaded up the day before the show in their own matching Baker saddle carrier and bridle bag, along with an extra set of reins and my girths, saddle pads, and half pads.

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Who doesn’t LOVE Baker Plaid?!


Tack I Pack

  • Saddle
  • Bridle(s)
  • Extra Reins
  • Girth(s)
  • White Dressage Pad (one for each horse, plus a spare)
  • White, clean half pad



I thoroughly groom my horses before loading for a one day show and throw on a (matching, of course!) Baker Dress Sheet to keep the dust off, but I do always keep a small grooming tote in my trailer with my ‘finishing’ items.


Baker Fleece Dress Sheet

Nothing Beats a Baker for that Classy Ringside Look!!

Grooming Box

  • Curry Comb
  • Stiff Brush
  • Finishing Brush
  • Hoof pick
  • Hoof polish
  • Touch up spray
  • Grooming towels


Years of running into every show situation imaginable has led to me also bringing a small bag with all of my miscellaneous stuff that I use to make my show day easier.  I’ve found that Baker’s Taylor Tote has the right amount of space and looks so classy while matching all of my stuff! Plus, after the show ends, I can use it as my daily bag until the next show!

Purse Taylor Tote

This bag is my FAVORITE for around town, too!


Misc. Stuff:

  • EZ Towels
  • Hand Wipes (great for getting fresh stains out of breeches!)
  • Small mirror
  • Extra rags, tack sponges, and tack cleaner
  • Water
  • Bailing twine
  • Double end snaps


I’m a bit of an organization freak, so I absolutely LOVE getting ready for the first show of the year. Stepping back to see a trailer filled with matching tack carriers, tote bags, and garment bags makes me SO happy.


What’s your MUST HAVE for show season? Is there anything I forgot on my list? Let me know by leaving a comment!