New Deluxe Baker Sheet

by Deb Odle / Tuesday, 18 October 2016 / Published in Baker Blog

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of its famous 5/A BAKER® brand, Curvon Horse Clothing has created a new DELUXE version of the venerable 5/A BAKER ® Sheet.

We’ve included a long list of features into the new Sheet that previously were only available by special order.

Incorporated into each DELUXE BAKER® SHEET you’ll find:

  • American-Made Fabric
  • Satin Lined Shoulders
  • Snap Buckle Front closures
  • Elastic Leg Straps and Surcingle Inserts
  • Fleece Withers
  • Stocked in Sizes 72-84”


Now available from finer tack shops or online at: BAKERBLANKET.COM


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