Fall Fashion with Baker Blanket

by / Tuesday, 25 August 2015 / Published in Baker Blog
Baker tartan sheet

The Baker Stable Sheet looks amazing in Tartan Plaid!

With the beginning of many Hunter, Equitation and Jumper show series for the Fall, everybody is talking Fall Fashion.  Softshell jackets are all the rage now, helmets are more customizable than ever now, offering paisley patterns, leather, glitter and crystal accents, and even Dressage riders are getting in on the fun with piped and bedazzled stock ties!  At Baker Blanket, we are excited to begin talking Fall Fashion for the most stylish horses in your life.

As we roll into late summer and early fall, some owners are already scheduling their body clipping appointments and dusting off their quarter sheets.  It’s still too early to head south to Aiken, Ocala or Wellington, and as the cooler weather rolls in, so does the need to add a few things to your every day riding routine or your show trunk.

Baker Irish Anti-Sweat Sheet

Baker Irish Anti-Sweat Sheet is perfect for early fall

We all know how important it is to keep your horse from catching a chill after a hard ride, after a bath or while they’re standing ringside on a blustery day.  While we’re still in the warm days of late summer, the best bet is to use an Irish Anti-Sweat Sheet.  The woven cotton will block cooler air and wind while still allowing your horse to dry off quickly – it’s perfect for horses that run a little warm.

However, many clipped or thin-skinned horses catch a chill whenever there’s the slightest breeze or they’re sweaty. Thankfully, the Baker Fleece Dress Sheet is the perfect solution!  The high tech fleece fabric helps wick moisture away from your horse and is great to use when it’s just a little too cold for a Baker Irish-Knit Anti-Sweat Sheet. On really cold days, you can layer the Dress Sheet over the Anti-Sweat sheet to help keep your horse warm with breathable fabrics as he dries off.

Baker Fleece Dress Sheet

Baker Fleece Dress Sheet keeps your horse warm on blustery days!

Fleece coolers and anti-sweat sheets should be removed once they’re damp, and that’s where the classic Baker Stable Sheet comes in.  If you wander through the stables at any major horse show this fall, you’re sure to see these in nearly every stall.  There’s just no beating that original Baker plaid, particularly at a show, where your horse needs to look his best!  Stable sheets are perfect for keeping your horse warm in his draft horse show stall, or while you’re trailering to the showgrounds.

You can find the full Baker Blanket line on our website, which is offering FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the year to help get your horse’s fall wardrobe up to date. Don’t be left in the cold this fall: order your dress sheets, irish knits, and stable blankets directly from Baker for fast service and free shipping!